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Cavagna Group inaugurates a new showroom in Santiago de Chile

Nov 6, 2014

Cavagna Group inaugurates a new showroom in Santiago. An elegant exhibition space in the heart of the Chilean capital city

Doors open to customers from Wednesday to Friday to showcase the latest novelties in the field of advanced solutions for gas control.

Santiago, Chile, November 5 , 2014 | The new showroom entirely dedicated to Cavagna Group’s product range has been inaugurated at Cenco Kosangas headquarters in Santiago del Chile. The showroom cover 170 square meters and joints the present production center posted in an area of over 23,800 square meters; the display space has been conceived as a true voyage of discovery the six business Divisons of the group.

In the entrance, the visitor is welcomed into a meeting space in which a wall-mounted LCD screen shows the videoclips produced by the company and leads to the next display area: the gallery is an open space defined by two corners which, assemble some offerings of top technologies for the control of compressed gases, such Industrial, medical, specialty gases.

The exploration of the assortment continues into an open space on which open five corners, each of which contains some of the most representative products of LPG Valves and regulators and Automotive offering. The next room takes us to an open space in which four podiums, assemble some offerings of the extensive greengear collection in a unique monochromatic combination. Reserved to our South America-based clients , the new showroom represents a complete and comprehensive communications tool, a work in progress intended for a constant exploration of the possibilities and further growth of the Cavagna Group as the real Global supplier of Solutions for Gas control.”.

The opening ceremony was attended among top customers and friends of Cavagna Group, by the Italian MP Hon. Rocco Buttiglione, Mr. Maurizio Manca Managing Director of Cemco Kosangas, Mr. Andrea Rossi, Cavagna Group Sales Director for south America.

The inauguration of the new showroom of the Group started off the Open House days – to take place from 5th – 7th November – an event through which Cavagna Group will show off its novelties in the field of advanced solutions.

About Cavagna Group

Since 1949, Cavagna Group has been supplying industries and consumers worldwide, to become today’s leading manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and control. Cavagna Group offers the most complete and reliable line of products and the most dynamic services to the industry.

The experience and reliability of the Group product range have lead to long lasting co-operations with virtually all major Oil/Gas Companies, producers of compressed gases containers and gas appliance OEMs. Cavagna Group employs approximately 1000 people worldwide. The Group is made up of nine vertically integrated production companies in Italy and nine other ones spread across the five continents. With a distribution network consisting of fifteen fully owned additional distribution companies, Cavagna Group is now selling in more than 135 countries worldwide.
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