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70th anniversary of the Cavagna Group (part 1)

Apr 9, 2019

In 2019 Cavagna Group celebrates its 70th anniversary

This year, 2019, the Cavagna Group will be celebrating its 70th anniversary. An important milestone that confirms the Group’s ability to evolve harmoniously with society and the markets.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | 70th anniversary of the Cavagna Group

The Cavagna Family: Origins and Values

Since 1949, the Cavagna Group has been a partner in technologies for regulating, controlling and measuring compressed gases for industry, gas companies and OEMs.

During the 70 years of history, the company and then the Group have succeeded in combining their extended positioning in the market together with their original values: commitment, fairness and enthusiasm for their own area of business.

Each member of the Cavagna family shares this set of values. This demonstrates that even with business growth and entrepreneurial success, they cannot forget the traditions where the first steps were taken.

In fact, the history of the Cavagna Group could not be considered complete without mentioning the place where the Group has its roots. Lumezzane, a town surrounded by the mountains of a valley called Valgobbia (the “Gobbia” Valley), in the province of Brescia, Northern Italy. Today an industrial site coping with the challenges of globalization, 70 years ago the Lumezzane district was an exceptional place where the companies grew thanks to the intrinsic qualities of the settlement and of its inhabitants.

The history of the district starts from the waters of its stream, the Gobbia, which had been widely exploited by the Lumezzane’s people as an energy source, before the coming of electricity.

Much evidence of the industriousness of this town and of its inhabitants can be found in historical documents. Such documents attest to the processing and manufacturing of iron in this place, which date back to the 1400s, and to the resilience of its people, who were able to get back on their feet and react to serious situations, starting from the 1700s famines and the world wars, up to the latest economic crisis.

The “home-workshop” concept is another peculiar characteristic, unique to the Lumezzane district, which started to take shape between the 1950s and 1980s. In that period, many houses were built following the architectural model “above-below”: the floor downstairs was dedicated to the manufacturing workshop, while the spaces for the family occupied the upstairs floor. This model shows that, in the mentality of the Lumezzane’s people, family and work have always been fundamental values, intimately close and indivisible.

During the time that the roots of the Cavagna Group were developing the Lumezzane district was coming out from a war that had caused the abandonment of a great part of the manufacturing production and was getting back on its feet, with the tenacity typical of its people.

Thanks in particular to the great number of patents that were applied for in the postwar period, the companies went back to the productions that had been left aside and entered a period of reinvigorated vitality.

Entrepreneurial vocation is an additional distinctive trait of the Lumezzane district. This inclination brought many to leave the companies where they were originally employed to create a new one on their own, most of the times with the blessing (and help) of their former employer. Through this way of thinking entrepreneurship, the companies of the district grew at an unstoppable pace.

Even when the expansion slowed down, Lumezzane was able to reinvent itself. Being a town built in the middle of a valley, at a certain point its companies found themselves coping with the problem of the lack of space and moved to other areas in the territory of Brescia. This migration is not to be considered as an escape or a displacement, but as a solution, arising from the necessity to expand in order to keep up with the times.

The companies that moved away did not lose the fundamental peculiarities of the Lumezzane productive system; on the contrary, they wished to emphasize their origins with strength. This unbreakable bond between the companies that have moved with their town of origin allowed the district to overcome, ideologically and physically, the narrow boundaries of the Valgobbia, regardless of territorial limits.

The Cavagna Group is proud to be considered part of this system of companies and people, unique in its genre, based on the strong values that have always characterized the Group throughout the years and that have made it the organization that it is today.

The high sense of responsibility, the spirit of sacrifice, and the complete commitment to work that one could breathe in the particular asset of the “Lumezzane system” are the fundamental principles for the Cavagna family, promoter of a meritocratic and, without any doubt, entrepreneurial family model.

This is a vision which is still up-to-date and in which the Group identifies itself today as it did in the past. The sides of the equilateral triangle that the Cavagna Group has chosen as its logo are a good graphical representation of such vision. In fact, the three sides symbolize the three key values at the basis of the Group’s mission: the commitment and enthusiasm towards customers, the valorization and recognition of the collaborators as part of the company’s assets, the enhanced technical performances and the excellence in the manufacturing process that assure a high-standard quality and safety of the product.

In an effort to concretize this vision, the Group has always decided that providing effective, safe and innovative technologic solutions for every sector where gas is used should be set as its primary goal. Such an objective also assures a complete service to the customers that choose the Cavagna Group products.

It is only thanks to accurate technical studies, thorough market research and, most of all, to scrupulous attention to its customers that the Cavagna Group has succeed in keeping up with the sudden changes of the markets and the unstoppable and inexorable technologic evolution. Most remarkably, this has been achieved without ever betraying the fundamental principles on which the Group was built and with which it has grown during the years.

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