The refilling of forklifts and ride-on mowers has been never so quick and safe

Ponte San Marco (BS), Italy, March 4, 2015 — The Cavagna Group is launching an innovative quick-connect propane-filling valve SNAPFILL. As propane is increasingly used for powering forklifts and ride-on mowers, SNAPFILL will enable the quick and safe refilling of propane cylinders.

snapfill logo

SNAPFILL is convenient and reliable:
• quick-connect propane-filling valve
• simple, secure connection

SNAPFILL is designed with safety in mind:
• secure connection eliminates cross-threading or partial installation
• minimizes risk of improper handling

SNAPFILL is ergonomical:
• increases safety and comfort for the filler
• reduces chance of repetitive stress injury

SNAPFILL is environmentally-compliant:
• reduces emissions release into atmosphere
• geared to meet new environmental regulations

SNAPFILL is UL-approved:
• meets EN12806 standards
• connection profile complies with EN 13760 standards.

SNAPFILL will be introduced at the 2015 NPGA show in Atlanta, in an area specifically dedicated to innovation.