The agreement envisages the establishment of a joint venture manufacturing company in Russia.

St. Petersburg, 3 October 2019 – Gazprom and the Cavagna Group have signed a memorandum of understanding on the last day of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. The signing ceremony concluded with a handshake between Gazprom HS CEO Mr. A.G. Samsonenko and Cavagna Group Chairman Ezio Cavagna.

The memorandum of understanding lays the foundation for increased cooperation between the two companies, with a focus on the production of components for the control, pressure-reduction and metering of natural gas. Following a series of meetings – first in Russia then in Italy – Gazprom and the Cavagna Group have agreed to work together on the establishment of a joint venture manufacturing company in Russia.

This agreement shows just how much importance Gazprom places on suppliers of technology for the control and regulation of gas – a sector in which the Cavagna Group is a global market leader. Thanks to the work of its French subsidiary Mesura, since 2005 the Cavagna Group has supplied Gazprom and its subsidiaries with regulators and control valves for natural gas distribution in residential, commercial and industrial uses. These products are specifically made for the Russian market.

The Cavagna Group’s Chairman, Ezio Cavagna, had this to say immediately after the signing: “We are extremely happy about the relationship of trust we have built with Gazprom over the last few months – a relationship that has led us to today’s signing of this memorandum of understanding. This is an official recognition of our partnership with Russia’s number one energy company and one of the world’s most important players in the natural gas industry. Another very noteworthy aspect is the fact that this new partnership envisages the joint establishment of a top-notch manufacturing and technological hub in Russia to produce components for the regulation and pressure-reduction of natural gas.

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For 70 years, the Cavagna Group has been a global leader providing advanced, integrated solutions for the control, regulation, metering and storage of compressed gas (gas for energy, alternative fuel gases, medical gases, industrial gases, cryogenic gases and specialty gases). It was founded in 1949 in northern Italy, near Brescia, an area long renowned for its metalworking industry. Today, the Cavagna Group is made up of 11 vertically integrated production companies in Italy and seven other companies spread out across five continents. With a distribution network consisting of an additional 15 fully-owned companies, the Cavagna Group now sells its products in more than 145 countries worldwide.

You can also access the video in regard of this recently signed MoU here.

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