code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics applies to all people who, within the scope of their duties and responsibilities, work with and/or for the Cavagna Group in Italy and abroad. Compliance with the Code is crucial to the Group’s efficiency, reliability and reputation. Indeed, these very factors characterize the Group and play a key role in its success, allowing it to improve the social and market contexts wherever it conducts business. Having a code of ethics has never been more important or meaningful than it is today. It is part of what sets apart industrial groups operating on the global market. And for the Cavagna Group, its importance is undisputed: by clearly defining the values and responsibilities that the Group recognizes, accepts, shares and undertakes, the Group is better prepared to deal with the complex situations that come its way, from the challenges of sustainable development to the requests and demands of stakeholders (which cannot be ignored). Through it all, the Group can also contribute to building a better future for everybody. Therefore, the Group has decided to formalize the principles and rules that have always characterized the way it conducts its business.
With its Code of Ethics, the Cavagna Group has set out to define, in clear and transparent terms, the values and rules of business conduct with which it wishes to comply. The Code is thus a Code of Conduct as well, which each employee or partner must respect in carrying out his or her work.
The Code summarizes the main values that the Cavagna Group expects any person to adhere to when acting in the Group’s name or on its behalf. This principles-based approach is in line with the United Nations Global Compact and covers the same topics, namely: human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.
The document can be consulted online and downloaded in its entirety from the Group’s website: Code of Ethics.