LPG Filling

Filling Carousel

LPG filling carousel with load cells
up to 24 posts and 1,800 cylinders/hour

Electronic Filling Scale for LPG Cylinders

Cable tensioner with automatic winding for filling head
Automatic or Semi-automatic filling head (manual connection to valve, automatic disconnection)

Valve Leak Detector

Automatic leak detector

Accuracy: adjustable from 2 to 5 g/h
Capacity: up to 1,800 cylinders / hour (2 heads) with a minimum chain speed of 21 m/min

Maintenance & Refurbishment

Cylinder Emptying Support

All types of cylinders with all types of valves 1, 2, 3, 6 or more testing posts stands for all kinds of cylinders and valves
Visual flow control or/and time setting in the control panel for automatic stop of electrical pump.

Automatic Hydrostatic testing RACK

Inline process on chains conveyors

Double-welding machine

Semi-automatic welding machine capable
of welding either guard ring (collar) or base ring (foot)

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