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Cylinder handling

Shot Blasting Machine

All types of cylinders
Horizontal or vertical on overhead conveyor

Zinc Spraying Unit

Manual or automatic version available

High Pressure Washing Tunnel

Capacity up to 1,800 cylinders per hour

Cylinder safety and control

In-line leak detection with water bath

electronic leak detector - engineering

Cylinders are driven by a chain conveyor
The presented model is for 13 kg cylinders

Dynamic check scale

Dynamic check scale
Type: BCCA
Production capacity : Up to 1,900 cylinders / hour
Accuracy : 50 g

Tilting leak detector support with water

For water immersion with low production
Manual or pneumatic functioning

LPG Filling

Filling Carousel

cavagna group - engineering - carousel

Filling solution adapted for low production
Filling scale
Control scale
Leak control device
Production from 30 to 250 cylinders per hour

Filling Scale for Forklift Cylinders

filling scale - forklift

Filling solution adapted for forklift cylinder or special size
Filling scale
Control scale
Leak control device

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