July 20, 2018
Get to know LPG bobtail trucks: Chapter #2: Relief Valves

Get to know LPG bobtail trucks: Chapter #2: Relief Valves In our blog last week, we covered the various internal valves available for bobtails. Link This week we are going to share with you some interesting information about Relief Valves for LPG delivery trucks. Let us briefly recap, the set of components for Bobtail trucks […]

July 16, 2018
Get to know LPG bobtail trucks: Chapter #1: Internal Valves

In this post we are going to share with you some interesting information about LPG bobtail delivery truck equipment. But what is a bobtail for? LPG (propane) has many uses for everyday life but is most commonly used to heat residential homes and businesses as well as fuelling private vehicles and fleets. LPG is transported […]

July 11, 2018
A long list of reasons why I-VIPR Valve is the best choice for welders.

There are many valves available on the market that allow welders to weld. Naturally, welding should be performed by qualified welders or operators possessing the appropriate level of competence, but using the right tools is just as important. I-VIPR is a valve with an Integrated Pressure Regulator suitable for industrial gases: Oxygen, Acetylene, Ar/C02 mix. […]

June 6, 2018
The revised ISO 15996-2017 standard means more safety for gas cylinders

Changes have been made to ISO 15996:2017, with clearer specification of design, type testing and marking requirements for valves which incorporate residual pressure devices (residual pressure valves, or RPVs) on cylinders conveying compressed or liquefied gases.   The standard does not apply to RPVs for portable fire extinguishers, cryogenic equipment, low pressure refrigerant gases (cylinder […]

June 4, 2018
It makes good money-saving sense to fit VIPRs, instead of standard cylinder valves.

It makes good money-saving sense to fit VIPRs, instead of standard cylinder valves, wing to their proven performance and the little maintenance they need over their long service lifespan. Read here to find out why it make more sense money-wise to opt for VIPR Integrated valves in every case. Cylinders fitted with standard hand wheel […]

March 14, 2018
Metered LPG estates advantages – Tutti i vantaggi della fornitura GPL a contatore

There are millions of properties, which are off the grid and rely on an alternative fuel type for heating and cooking. Metered LPG estates are a popular choice for housing developments in areas without access to the mains gas network. This means that homes benefit from a metered service that feels very much like being […]

February 2, 2018
The harmonization of standards is a benefit for everybody

If we want to speak a common language in the world of gas cylinders, we must ensure the standardization of their characteristics and safety in accordance with ISO/TC 58. Whether you are a producer and seller of gas, a part of the distribution chain or even the end user, being able to refer to parameters […]

January 19, 2018
LPG is the ideal energy source to cope with natural disasters

Many areas around the world were hit by severe natural disasters over the course of 2017, including some devastating hurricanes and strong earthquakes. Specifically, in the span of just a few months, North America was struck by unprecedented phenomena both in terms of frequency and breadth of affected areas. In the U.S.A. alone, natural disasters […]

December 29, 2017
Always know how much gas is left in the tank

Thanks to a gas regulator with display, it is now possible to know how much gas is left in the cylinder at any time. The Cavagna Group markets a very practical and competitive product for domestic and outdoor uses, achieving success in many European and Middle Eastern countries. When you are using LPG at home […]

September 29, 2017
The importance of good definitions

Clear definitions (that are understood and agreed upon by all parties) are essential. This document is intended to help to set common definitions and is an essential tool for a successful understanding when discussing about VIPR. A VIPR is a cylinder valve with an integrated pressure regulator used to reduce the high cylinder pressure to […]

May 17, 2016
Unfolding Compressed Gas Applications

The industrial gases industry literally touches everyday people’s life in more ways that anyone realizes. Yet this industry, is little known by the general public, and even by many users of the various gases. The average citizen is somewhat familiar with oxygen; after all, that’s what hospitals, specialists and paramedics provide to patients. They probably […]

May 11, 2016
Portable Oxygen Benefits

We understand the need for people to remain active when it comes to living with a lung disease that requires using additional oxygen and in order to do so, they need lightweight and portable solutions. Looking at the benefits of portable oxygen, people get out of the house and remain engaged in life outside their […]