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LPG-Valves-Filler-Valves-with-Manual-Ball-Shut-Off-Features Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

Filler Valves with Manual Ball Shut Off Features

Double check filler valves
Soft seated upper back check and a metal to metal lower back check seat.
Incorporates an emergency ball shut-off valve.
These two versions can be used either for underground or above ground LPG tanks thanks to an oriented easy to connect design

pv series Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

PV Series

The safety valve PV has separate functions of discharge and calibration.
The calibration function is fulfilled by a replaceable cartridge.
The valve is installed directly in the tank.

Liquid-Whitdrawal-Valve Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

Liquid Whitdrawal Valves

Liquid transfer valve.

Filler-Valve Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

Filler Valves

Double Back Check Construction
A soft seated up back check, and a metal–to-metal lower back check seat.
Efficient Flow Characteristics
The efficient flow channel design of the valves gives low flow resistance, prolonging pump and hose life, and high filling capacity.
Two Piece Body Design

Multiservice-Valve-wotj-Glicerine-filled-indicator- Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

Multiservice Valves with Glicerine filled indicator

It incorporates an excess flow valve, which closes when the flow reaches a rate of 37,5÷45 Kg/h propane

Multiservice-Valve-with-vertical-outlet Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

Multiservice Valves

Multiservice Valve with vertical outlet.
Incorporates an excess flow valve.
It is a special underground fitting equipped with a pressure relief device that enables liquid discharge at 14 bar.

Pressure-Relief-Valve Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

Pressure Relief Valves

Safety relief valve with cylindric thread
To be used in connection with the lower check valve.
Tightness assured by bonded seal.

Extended-Filler-Valve- Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

Extended Filler Valves

Filler valve suitable for underground tank.
The extended body allows an easier refilling operation.

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