LPG can be a viable alternative to firewood and pellets.

smog - air pollutionSmog alert

At the beginning of this winter season, experts once again sounded the alarm in many countries around the world: the wood used for heating and cooking is extremely damaging to the environment. The two main problems in developing countries are deforestation and the inhalation of harmful fumes in rural homes, while the main issue in developed countries is the use of stoves and fireplaces alongside or as a replacement for traditional heating systems. It is no coincidence that more and more municipalities are banning the use of pellet stoves. In some regions stoves are actually the leading cause of air pollution, much more than vehicle traffic: the Po Valley is one such case.

The burning of wood biomass creates dangerous particulate matter (PM10 and the microscopic PM2.5), which causes serious chronic or degenerative diseases. The reality is actually more worrying. Consumers and users often think that pellets are environmentally friendly, due to the fact that they are not derived from petroleum. However, as mentioned in a noteworthy article published on 10th of October 2016 by the Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, wood pellets do not have a readily traceable supply chain, which causes uncertainty about their true nature.

The remedy

Thanks to the development of studies and analysis models, researchers are now able to indicate the best alternatives to firewood and pellets. Moreover, when the most reasonable solutions are evaluated in terms of convenience, accessibility, safety and competitiveness (costs), LPG emerges head and shoulders above the rest. This favorable market position has been stressed many times by gas companies and trade associations in the gas sector, and rightfully so. Therefore, it would be a wise policy to support and promote the use of either LPG or natural gas where it is geographically possible.

Giving priority to these fuels means safeguarding people’s health and the environment, far more than any traffic restriction.

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