There are many applications for compressed gas regulators

In addition to welding, there are other very demanding industries in which compressed gas regulators are used.

Let’s see them all!

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man welding with industrial regulators

There are certainly other industries in which compressed gas regulators find application. One worth mentioning is the food industry, where the packaging of fresh foods relies on nitrogen and other gas mixtures. A classic example is “modified atmosphere packaging”, which requires the use of nitrogen. Packaging machines need gas regulators that are appropriate for their specific supply chain. The beverage industry is no less important: in this case, bottling plants use valves and gas regulators mainly for CO2 (in order to obtain sparkling water). To cite yet another example, breweries and soft drink plants also use valves and gas regulators for manufacturing and bottling.

Another important marketplace that could present new opportunities for regulators is that of pure, ultra pure and corrosive gases. Such gases are used in industrial settings of course, though they are also employed in highly specialized and challenging fields of application that include pharmaceuticals, electronics, basic chemistry, high precision manufacturing and more. In almost all of these sectors, the gas regulators are mainly made of stainless steel and are carefully manufactured down to the finest detail. Thus, it is clear that these are the areas of research and production in which we will see rapid, innovative development in terms of product digitization.

The Cavagna Group has been working for a long time on the control and regulation of medical gases, a field in which it has already made significant technological advances and seen success on the market as a result. Given that gas regulation is essential to so many industries, and that it is considered one of the most interesting areas of the digital evolution in the smart factory of the future, the Cavagna Group stands to become an even greater partner in the quest to respond to the challenges of “Industry 4.0“.