Some of our most important partnerships:


Cavagna Group and French LPG cylinder filling specialist Siraga have entered into a strategic alliance to create the biggest LPG product package available on earth today.

Cotrako S.r.l. , born in 1982, design, construct and sell LPG and natual gas equipments. European leader in level gauges manifacturing, Cotrako sells also tank equipments and telemetry systems.
Nirmal Industries

Established in 1973, as an expert in control valve solutions for tricky & hazardous services, Nirmal has today emerged as the pioneer and leader in India, in the field of self actuated pressure control valves, low pressure nitrogen blanketing systems, gas pressure reducing station with safety shut off & metering skids.
Cavagna Group and Nirmal Industries built a strategic alliance to extend their natural gas solutions offer

The Cavagna Group, proud member of the WLPGA, supports the global LPG Exceptional Energy brand designed to raise awareness of the exceptional features of LPG among policy makers, industry and consumers.
Università degli studi di Brescia

The collaboration between Cavagna Group and Università degli studi di Brescia: a case of constructive dialogue between Universities - Enterprises.
BBQ Store

Since 2002 The Cavagna Group has been a shareholder of the Company Gas Equipment, proprietor of the brand and store chain BBQ Store with over 20 retail points nation wide and a dedicated online sales website.
Cavagna Pressofusioni

The Company is a vertically integrated partner Company of the Cavagna Group, specialized in zinc alloy die-casting.