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Paolo Cavagna founded a small factory, whose main activity is transforming non-ferrous metals.
Within a few years thanks to the cooperation and hard work of all the family, Paolo Cavagna enlarged its activity to the point of manufacturing finished products  for LPG.


1963Cavagna Group Advanced Solutions for Gas Control Historical-valves
After obtaining a patent for an extremely clever cylinder gas valve, the Cavagna family strengthened their position in the market of pressurized containers for LPG.
At the same time they evolved a production strategy that is still one of their fundamental principles; decentralization of the production plant of the Group according to market sectors while maintaining the unity of the Group.


The production of LPG cylinder valves was confined in a specialized division with its own trade mark O.ME.CA.

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In the seventies because of the success and expansion of the Group the family decided to consolidate the production of accessories for LPG control.
And established RECA as a division to be implemented for the production of LPG regulators and pressure reducers.


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In coherence with the project of vertical integration while diversifying the activity, CORI engineering division was established for the hot forging of parts used in the finished products of the Group.


Cavagna Group takes over Enne Pi, an Italian competitor in the LPG Valve market;
Cavagna established CAVIMATIC, a company building automatism and Industrial Robotics;



An ambitious process of integration and consolidation in the market initiated when the Cavagna Group took over Pergola and formed a division entirely dedicated to high pressure valves.


The Cavagna Group took over the well known Calorgas Engineering thus confirming its presence in the UK market.


According to the process of consolidation that have experienced all the industries in the last years: Cavagna Group took over KosangasTechnova, the leading Danish manufacturer of compact valves and regulators”.


The acquisition trail continued with the capture of Italian regulators manufacturer OARA and Valve Manufacturer OMB.


Cavagna International presence extends further through the establisment of a joint venture with Thai Valve Company SVM.


Group establishes an entirely owned production plant in Zhongshan, China dedicated to the manufacture of LPG and natural gas regulators.

2009_0001_mesura coffret

Cavagna Group entered into a joint venture agreement with MESURA France for the manufacture of natural Gas regulators and smart metering regulating system.
Cavagna Group Enginnering was established in 2009, a company dedicated to the development of technologies and services for the LPG Industry.


To increase the presence in South America Cavagna in a joint venture with the Group historical partner in Venezuela, took over Cemco, ex competitor of the Group in LPG valves and regulators.


Cavagna Group makes the total acquisition of SVM/Cavagna quickly re-branded as Cavagna Group Asia and providing the group with a firm foothold in the rapidly growing Southeast Asian market.


Cavagna Group consolidates his presence in the Natural Gas Market with MESURA France total acquisition.


Cavagna Group has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Bigas International Autogas Systems Ltd, located in Calenzano Fiorentino (FI) Italy. Bigas, established in 1968 is a family run business, which designs and manufactures components and complete conversion systems for the LPG and CNG automotive industry.


The Group strengthened its international presence in Asia through a joint venture in Mumbai.  Mesura Nirmal Gas Control is specialized in the manufacture of Natural Gas regulators for residential, commercial and Industrial use. The Mesura Nirmal Gas Control is co-owned by Mesura SA and Nirmal Industries Ltd, a company devoted to gas pressure reducing stations with safety shut off and metering skids.

Greengear-Global-Logo-InvoicesEstablished in 2014 and headquartered in Brescia, Italy, Greengear Global SRL is a company in the Cavagna Group that specifically deals with the manufacturing, marketing and promotion of Greengear-branded products.

Bigas-Logo-Payoff-A-Cavagna-group--CompanyCavagna Group finalized the acquisition of 100% of Bigas’ shares, having already held 45%, which is specialized in the production of fuel system technologies for LPG and CNG engines.

In November 2015 The Cavagna Group has finalized the purchase of the Gas Equipment Factory’s assets from Afrox, the South African subsidiary of The Linde Group. With this acquisition, the Cavagna Group has acquired a range of products to complete its own line of industrial regulators; at the same time, it can now also include high-tech pressure reducing valves for medical gases.


In November 2016 The Cavagna Group has finalized the acquisition of a business line of LPG valves and regulators by purchasing DVR’s assets, a Turkish privately owned company based in Istanbul ( Turkey), part of the ALTEK GROUP. Through the acquisition, Cavagna Group enlarged the LPG business platform to further expand its global business and strengthen the operation services.

In December 2016 The Group completed the takeover of the assets of the Italian STF Gas, based in Vernate (Milan). STF Gas engineers and manufactures since 1979 medium and high pressure Natural Gas regulators and Natural Gas regulating skids.
This takeover marks another step along the Group’s path towards widening its range of products and services in the natural gas industry.


In July 2018 the Group completed the takeover of the assets of the Italian Qgas, a company operating in the production of diaphragm meters and systems for measuring and monitoring natural gas and LPG. This takeover marks another step along the Group’s path towards a full range of integrated solutions for the gas industry.


Cavagna Group relies on ELEVEN production units in Italy and SEVEN others around the world. In addition the group owns and operates SIX distribution centres that warehouse and distribute the groups’s products around the world.