Company Achievements

Some of our most important historical achievements developed over the years.

1954 - Himalayan K2

After almost 100 years of heroic attempts, the italian expedition led by professor Ardito Desio for the first time reaches the summit of the majestic K2 in the Himalayas using a specially designed alloy breathing air valve.
1960 - Mariana's Trench
Cavagna Group supports professor August Piccard bathyscaphe "Trieste" venture in its record descent to 35,810 feet in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana's Trench with compressed gas equipment supply.
1948 - London Olympic Games

The Cavagna Group UK business unit participated in the development of the stainless steel Olympic Torch.
John Mark enlightned the Olympic flame.
2006 - Turin 2006 Winter Olympics

Cavagna Group supplied the valve and the regulator system for 12.000 torches designed for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games held in Turin.
The torches were designed by Pininfarina.
2010 - Chile Rescue

The Cavagna Group Post Medical Valve was employed in the dramatic rescue of the 33 trapped miners in Chile.