DVR Acquisition Frequently Asked Questions


The purpose of this document is to address particular questions and provide additional insight about Cavagna Group’s acquisition of DVR’s Assets. To view the full press release, go to: Press Release

  1. What are you announcing today?

On January 20th, 2017, Cavagna Group announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire DVR’s assets, belonging to the privately held company DVR headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, with expertise in manufacturing Self Closing Valves, Hand Wheel Operated Valves, Camping Cylinder Valves and Regulators for LPG.

  1. How will this change in Assets’ ownership impact me?

As the leading manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and gas control, we pledge our continued commitment to enabling customers’ successes and delivering the benefits we expect from this operation.

  1. What are Cavagna Group’s plans for DVR customers and products?

Cavagna Group plans to continue to market and sell DVR products to customers depending on their specifications and requirements. DVR assets has been transferred from Turkey and installed in some of Cavagna Group’s plants in order to take advantage of Cavagna Group’s industrial synergy. In this way, these products, can be manufactured with maximum efficiency and marketed through Cavagna Group’s own international network.

  1. How will DVR clients benefit?

Cavagna Group provides DVR clients with the ability to bring higher levels of automation, in addition DVR clients will benefit from Cavagna Group’s higher investment capacity, technologies, global reach, industry expertise and support.

    1. How will this affect client’s current support and contracts?

DVR company produced and completed the open and confirmed orders in place with them up to 31 December 2016; For further enquiries please see point #8 below.

      1. Will my warranties on DVR Products sold and/or manufactured by DVR still be in effect?

CAVAGNA GROUP is not responsible in any way for any product manufactured and/or sold by company DVR, with or without DVR brand.

      1. Will service quality/policies change?

Be reassure that all Cavagna Group organization will strive to support and maintain the level of service and quality that you deserve.

      1. Who do I call if I want further information or I want to place an order?

Please communicate with Cavagna Group Turkey and Near East for any future enquiry you might have


Cavagna Group Teknik Ekipman Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Tatlısu Mahallesi Erkaya Sokak No: 1/13

34774 Ümraniye , İstanbul

Telephone: 0090 216 455 36 28

Fax: 0090 216 455 36 22