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coronavirus - covid19 - ambulanza - valvole medicali - ossigenoterapia

The spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus has caused an unprecedented health emergency. According the reports we have received, at the forefront of the supply of oxygen to hospitals, pharmacies and numerous patients at home, there is an urgent and consistent need for cylinders for medical oxygen.

This overwhelming need is due to the manifestation of the COVID-19 virus, which by attacking the respiratory tract can cause respiratory failure, thus making it necessary to activate breathing support.

To date, it is estimated that the demand for medical oxygen has increased tenfold compared to normal conditions. The major Italian producers of medical oxygen and systems are already intensifying their efforts to cope with this sudden increase in demand. Cavagna Group, which has been active in the medical sector for years, is also channelling its production energies to accelerate the production of devices necessary for the delivery of medicinal oxygen.

Even during normal times hospitals and other healthcare facilities are the largest users of medical oxygen. As can be seen from Federchimica sources, more than 90 million litres of medical oxygen are delivered to hospital facilities every year, but how is it administered to patients? And what is the role of Cavagna Group in this specific medical sector?

Oxygen therapy vs Coronavirus Covid-19

Oxygen, an essential element for life, is the third most abundant element in the universe and, in the form of dioxide (O2), constitutes approximately 21% of the Earth’s atmosphere. This amount of oxygen present in the atmosphere, however, for some patients suffering from particular respiratory diseases or who are in certain emergency conditions, is not enough to guarantee normal physiological functions. In these cases, it is essential to intervene with oxygen therapy, i.e. the administration of oxygen through specific delivery tools.

Federchimica data underlines that under normal conditions in Italy more than 125 thousand patients need oxygen therapy, a medical practice that can come under two forms:

  • at home, in the event that the patient is suffering from a chronic pathology that evolves slowly over time;
  • hospital, in the event that respiratory failure occurs suddenly and in an acute form, which is unfortunately occurring at present, in many cases of proven positivity to covid-19.

Whether oxygen is administered at home, in hospital or during ambulance transportation, in emergency or non-emergency situations, it is essential that the flow be delivered through reliable, safe and compliant medical devices.

The commitment of Cavagna Group
coronavirus - covid19 - ambulanza - valvole medicali - ossigenoterapia

For over 70 years, Cavagna Group has been operating globally by designing, developing and producing medical valves and regulators for the healthcare sector. The aim is providing high-performance equipment to hospitals, home care services and clinics.

Today more than ever, the production efforts of Cavagna Group and all its collaborators are concentrated on the production of specific lines of valves and medical devices that are essential for the continued function of systems used for the care of patients affected by COVID19, whether they are placed at the hospitals, at home or in ambulances during emergency transport.