70th anniversary for Cavagna Group. As we had the chance to describe in the previous article, the Cavagna Group has originated from a small company based in Lumezzane, a town in the Valgobbia, to become an international industrial Group.

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Everything started with Paolo Cavagna. He was one of the many talented artisans that, around the 1950s, were trying to emerge in the continuously expanding industrial center of Lumezzane. He certainly did not lack genius and tenacity, but it was thanks to the support of his wife Rachele and of his children that in 1949 he founded the company “Cavagna Paolo & Figli” (Literally: Cavagna Paolo and Children).

The decisive breakthrough for the Cavagnas’ future was the idea of designing a new kind of guard for cylinder valves. In just a few months, the company expanded and definitively entered the LPG world.

The company’s evolution

Throughout the years, always under the Cavagna family’s guidance, the company changed its seat and became a Group. It increased and diversified the internal manufacturing processes and developed strong long-term collaborations at an economic and institutional level.

The Cavagnas started with addressing their production towards three macro areas. LPG valves and tank accessories, LPG regulators, valves and regulators for compressed gases (medical, industrial and specialty).

Following a series of mergers and acquisitions, the Group expanded its horizons to the technologies for the distribution of natural gas and to the alternative fuel propulsion systems. Then, the Group further widened its offer through the supply of turnkey projects (from engineering to manufacturing).

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Cavagna Group’s solutions

In order to become a leader wherever the gas is energy for life, Cavagna Group has progressively enlarged its organizational structure. Today, it is divided into six principal focus areas.

1. LPG






Such areas differ for interest field and targets. They are also synergetic as far as the know-how and business possibilities are concerned.

New investments

In this process of redefinition of the interest areas, the Group made significant investments in the IoT sector. This have allowed the Group to consider AI and digital technology as an integral part of its manufacturing processes and applications.

Rino Cavagna, Executive VP of Sales, has recently expressed his satisfaction for the work carried out by the Cavagna team on Cavagna’s IoT devices (such as Click Click® , Viproxy® i-1Touch, Ultrasonic Smart Meter Prodigi). Mr. Cavagna also added that, thanks to these investments, the Group can now consider the phase of diversification from the LPG central focus, which started 20 years ago, nearly complete.

So, looking back at the Cavagna Group’s 70 years of intense activity in the field of compressed gases regulation and control, we can now proudly state that wherever gas is used, we are there.

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