LPG Tank Equipment North America

SNAP-FILL is a 3/4” M NPT Forklift \ Lawn Mower Cylinders Filler Valve, built with the proven technology used in today’s propane vehicle filling systems. It brings those benefits to the forklift cylinder market. SNAP-FILL’s direct connect feature eliminates propane bypass caused by worn or improperly threaded connections and eliminates propane fuel line discharge. Ergonomic features with enhanced ease and speed of connection to minimize filler fatigue while increasing productivity. SNAP-FILL also dramatically reduces emissions and is compatible with new automated carousel-style filling systems.

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Extended Filler Valves

Filler valve suitable for underground tank.
The extended body allows an easier refilling operation.

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Service Valves for DOT Fork Lift and ASME Motor Fuel Containers

Supplied with preapplied sealant on the inlets.
Double O-ring Stem Seal - Two O-rings form the stemseal for improved resistance to leakage due to dirt or temperature extremes.
Tamperproof Design - Travel stop keeps handwheel from being removed, helps to prevent tampering.
Prevents removal of the stem and provides an additional seal against gas leakage.
Large, sturdy brass handwheel and stem threads less likely to be broken, even with rough handling.
Static Seat Disc, since the seat disc does not rotate, abrasive wear on the disc is eliminated, improving service life.
Recessed Excess Flow Valve - The recessed excess flow valve helps reduce the possibility of mechanical damage or fouling from excess pipe compound.

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Multiservice Valves for DOT or ASME containers

Multi purpose valve with double back check filler valve
Ideal for on site filling of DOT cylinder up to 200 lbs LPG capacity without interrupting service
Includes a service valve, back check filler valve, fixed maximum liquid level gauge
New high discharge flow capacity pressure relief valve (1123 UL listing)
Reduced filler valve chamber reduces the waste of LPG during filling operation
Increased high filling capacity
Double o-ring replaceable stem

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Multi Service Valves for ASME Underground Propane Tanks

Integrated liquid withdrawal valve in the body of the multi-service valve provides easy access.
Integrated service valve in the body of the multi-service valve.
New, compact design.
100% brass construction.
The solid brass multi-service valve incorporates:
Double back check filler valve.
Vapor equalizing valve with excess flow.
Pressure relief valve with protective cap.
Service valve with Cavagna quality handwheel system.
Fixed liquid level gauge with 36” DT.

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Whitdrawal Valves with Excess Flow Device

This liquid withdrawal valve is designed to provide withdrawing liquid from stationary tank prior to moving the tank.
This valve can also be used on permanent installations being equipped with excess flow limiter.
Designed according to the latest UL standard.

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Internal Pressure Relief Valves for DOT Fork Lift Cylinders

Designed specifically for use as primary relief valve on fork lift cylinders.
Specific protective cap is provided.

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Filler Valves with Overfilling prevention Device

Designed specifically for use as a primary pressure relief device on ASME containers up to 2000 gallons water capacity.
Furnished with rain cap for protection against contamination.
The valve has a pre-applied sealant on the container connection.

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Filler Valves

Double back check construction where there are: a soft seated up back check, and a metal–to-metal lower back check seat.
Efficient Flow Characteristics - The efficient flow channel design of the valves gives low flow resistance, prolonging pump and hose life, and high filling capacity.
Sealant pre-applied on the tank connection threads on both valves
Valves are UL listed
Smaller filling upper chamber to avoid waste of liquid propane during every filling operation
Valves are furnished with yellow plastic caps with strap attached.

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Filler Valves for vertical ASME and DOT containers

Suitable for a 300 liter horizontal tank or119VG tank.
They can be fitted to other tank sizes upon request.

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ACME Cylinder Valves with Overfill Prevention Device (OPD)

Rapid purging and fi lling with over one million BTU withdrawal capacity.
Tri-lobular one-piece forged alluminum handwheel.
Double “O-ring” stem seal for improved leak resistance.
Includes Ever-Seal sealant (pre-applied).
Quality “O-ring” check valve seat, opens only with positive seal.
Upward spray fi lling - eliminates premature shutoffs.
Steel safety cage surrounding critical welds provides additional protection to components one long-term operational peformance.

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