A long list of reasons why Viproxy® NEOS is the best choice for final users and healthcare facilities.

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The Viproxy® NEOS is a NEW digital medical VIPR (Valve Integrated with Pressure Regulator) designed by the Cavagna Group. It has an “all-in-one” integrated system that allows access to the main functions from one side without having to turn the cylinder. With its innovative ergonomic compact protection guard, it integrates a shut off valve, a pressure regulator, a flow selector, an RPV, an outlet hose barb and a filling port and what’s really new, a digital gauge.

Thanks to its new digital gauge, the uses of cylinders are optimized and deliver great savings for the final user and healthcare facilities. In fact, digitization optimizes the valve’s overall functionality and regulation capabilities, increasing the operational efficiency, reliability and durability of the product. The Viproxy® NEOS digital display shows a clear, easy-to-read view of all crucial parameters, it allows caregivers to focus on patient therapy thanks to the exact supply time while in use and  audible and visible alerts. The primary focus of Viproxy® NEOS is on the safety of patients, who are given instant information on the delivery of their oxygen.

The digital gauge and control systems on the brand-new Viproxy® NEOS pave the way towards an Industry 4.0 evolution in the regulation of Oxygen and medical gases.

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